World Rebels™ Rep Program

The World Rebels Rep Program gives you a chance to earn rewards, credit, and even cash for placing orders, sharing us on social media and more!

Here’s how it works: every person who makes an order using your referral link will earn you credit. You can also earn credit on your personal purchases as well, using your link. Official Reps will also get exclusive discount codes that they would be able to utilize and hand out as they wish. Hook up your friends, or hook yourself up.


  • Joining the World Rebels Rep Program is easy–and free! No purchase necessary.
  • Earn store credit for every purchasing referral.
  • Use your store credit to redeem FREE World Rebels merchandise.
  • Top referring reps can opt in for real cash rewards instead of store credit.
  • Receive your own unique discount code which you may use for yourself, or provide for your referrals!

Login Here or Apply for an account by Registering Here.

Once you have registered, just wait for your application to be reviewed and accepted. Once accepted you’ll have access to our Rep HQ section of the site. There you can track your referrals, credit amount, create custom URLs, and more!

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